Like What You Do

“I like what I do, and I do what I like.” -Michael Shinoda Such a simple thing to say. Musician and artist Mike Shinoda wasn’t the first person to say something along those lines and I’ve heard people say it since. But I’m not sure we’re all hearing it the same. Let’s start with doing what we like. It seems we’re surrounded by successful people telling masses of fans to follow their dreams and do what they are passionate about, and they’ll achieve it no matter what. But that’s unrealistic. Not everyone can be what they want to be in their wildest dreams. Picture a world bursting with pop stars, actors, sports heroes, and United States presidents. If there weren’t any “average” people doing “average” jobs society would collapse. Who would unclog your toilet? Who would deliver your mail or turn your power back on after a storm? Isn’t that terrible? What an unbalanced world we live in where Kim Kardashian is famous and rolling in the dough and people like us are living paycheck to paycheck. We can’t afford a second car or to replace our dishwasher. What are we gonna do!?

I’ll give you my some advice you didn’t ask for, and it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s this: like what you do. I wake up at 4:30am 6 days a week and go to my just okay job where I have every right in my own mind to complain all day. And why not? Half the people that work there are doing it. But I don’t complain, because I choose to like what I do. I find joy in my daily routine. I keep my chin up, crack jokes, make connections with others, work hard, then clock out and go home. Then I do what I like. I follow my dreams of writing and painting and spend time with my wonderful family and awesome friends. My hobby of painting makes me some side money to help me afford the things I need, and this allows me to enjoy the time I spend with my family without so many worries.

So I don’t know about you, but I’ll tell my kids to be the best they can be, find a job they enjoy, and pursue what they’re passionate about. And if their wildest dreams come true that’s great! If not, that’s showbiz baby. It wasn’t meant to be and God has other plans. Meanwhile, they should like what they do and do what they like.


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