Stories Give Purpose

Goals give us purpose, which, in turn, motivates us to make ourselves the best version in all aspects of your life - Hannah Bronfman

I think we can all point to times in our lives when we were inspired. Sometimes inspiration lasts a few fleeting days, or maybe it’s something that will drive you for a lifetime. Regardless of how long it lasts… DO SOMETHING with it!

Inspiration gives birth to purpose. When people are happiest in life, it is normally because, after turning inspiration into goals and a purpose, they are taking the steps necessary to see it actualized.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my daughter become inspired. Being that she is 6, she isn’t always sure how to act on it, and that’s where I love to step in and help guide that inspiration into purpose.

But what inspires a child? Maybe it’s a song they hear or a feeling they get from watching someone do something amazing. Or in my daughter’s case (and many other children), she draws inspiration from stories!

I will read or make up stories for my daughter at bedtime (or car rides) frequently, and she will sometimes say things like “I want to be like that girl” or “I wish I could make something like that”. Then I get to be the one who tells her she can! We talk about things she can do to be able to do those things, which will give her purpose and direction for the next few days (or even longer).

Ultimately, we want our children to be happy. And our children living for something, for a PURPOSE, is what will do that. If your child is bored, it is because they are not inspired! Uninspired and bored children are often unhappy, which can lead to behavioral problems that frustrate both of you!

Aside from stories being one of the most accessible ways to regularly engage with and bond with your children, they also introduce them to characters and circumstances that can drive their earliest inspirations and give them the happiness that accompanies purpose!

- Matt

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